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Story of Faith

To trust God in the light is nothing but to trust him in the dark - that is faith. ~Charles Spurgeon

The hurt in my life started from the tender age of four years when my father passed away. I still have vivid memory of his transition from this physical life into the realms of pure love. My mother took responsibility of all of her children, and her strength inspired me. She encouraged me to complete my education and enabled me to be a working woman. I know girls in my country at that time were not even allowed to go to school or college.

I never thought bad about anyone, but painful events occurred in my life from time to time. The journey was hard in a world where women are not treated with love and respect. But by God’s grace and my immense faith I got married to a loving and a caring husband. Life brought new joys, new hopes, and a new sun shone upon my heart. In no time my home was full of cheerful presence of my children.

I continued to work stepping my way through the ruthless world of hatred. I knew God was beside me all the time, and that alone was enough for me to keep moving forward.

The dark clouds engulfed me when I was diagnosed with third stage cancer in my breast. But this was the time when my belief in God got even more stronger than before. At one side my body was tearing apart, losing all of its luster, and on the other side I saw immense love from the divine pouring all over my soul. This love came through my children, who were with me at all the time during this most difficult time of my life. The surgeon who treated me, cared for me like an Angel sent by God.

The courage and strength I received to pass through the most traumatic phase of my life and heal myself came from my children's love for me, my own will power, and my undying faith in God. I feel the divine presence with each breath in and breath out. Whether it’s a joyful moment, or a phase of sorrow I know one thing that never changes and that is God’s love for me. That is faith. I am loved and so are you.

I wish happiness, health, and healing for all of those who are suffering. If I can heal myself, and live a healthy life, you can too! Remember with God everything is possible.


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